Unified Sportsmen's Club

Long Range Rules

1) Raise the 1000 range flag

2) Put up Stop range in use at the stairs

3) Open gate

4) Put up Stop Range in use sign

When you are done pull flags down and signs 









Unified Sportsmen’s Club (USC) receives grants from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Idaho Fish and Game (F&G).  Look around the range and you will see plaques from the NRA and F&G as to what they have funded.

You as a member or non-member can always directly donate to USC which is a not for profit entity.  As with any not for profit Club, you would receive a letter stating what money you donated for tax purposes.

Any money donated by members and non-members will go into a separate account and build up until the Club has enough funds to support a project.  Last year alone we collected $1975 and this year already over $500 in donations.  The Club has a 15 year project plan for upgrades to the range which you can check out on uscidaho.org.

Donating directly to USC your money will stay with USC instead of being spread out to other Clubs and Organizations for use.

Donating at least $500 in one calendar year (January – December), the Club will put your name or organization on a plaque and place it where the Club used the donation for upgrades.

To donate money to USC, write a check to USC and mail to PO Box 2083, Idaho Falls, ID  83403-2083.  Thank you.


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