Unified Sportsmen's Club

Long Range Rules

1) Raise the 1000 range flag

2) Put up Stop range in use at the stairs

3) Open gate

4) Put up Stop Range in use sign

When you are done pull flags down and signs 







Our Club


3-Gun Match 3/31- 4/1 CANCELLED

Mid Range Match 4/1

ECWP Class 4/1

Reloading Class 4/8

Wednesday Night Steel 4/12, 19, 26


The Unified Sportsmen's Club is located at 9029 W Highway 33.
(7.5 miles west of Junction US Highway 20 and Highway 33 or 1/4 mile west of mile marker 71)
A map to the club can be found
Hours of Operation are Dawn to Dusk, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


Range Fees: January 1 thru December 31

Daily – Per Shooter                             $  5.00

Yearly – Individual                             $ 50.00

           -       Family                                  $ 70.00

Unified Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. Range Rules

ALL SHOOTERS AND NON-SHOOTERS MUST SIGN IN AT CLUBHOUSE UPON ENTERING PREMISES AND BEFORE USING RANGE FACILITIES.  You will then be covered by the Club’s insurance and not susceptible to the trespass law stated on the sign in sheet.

1.      Eye and ear protection required for all persons on or near the firing line NO EXCEPTIONS.

2.      Read range specific rules for designated shooting positions.

3.      Children under seven years of age are not permitted on firing line.  All children must be strictly supervised.

4.      Shooters call when entering Long Range, Multi-purpose Range or Cowboy Range.

5.      Clay pigeons allowed on Multi-purpose range only.

6.      Only paper targets are allowed and stapled on the backers provided.  Do not place any targets of any kind on the ground.

7.      Range Safety Officers will be in charge of all range activities and has the authority to enforce all rules and remove anyone from USC range for not complying.

8.      Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.  Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.  Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

9.      No firing on range without warning flag raised.

10.  Shoot only at authorized targets.  No glass, plastic, rocks, clay targets, drink cans, watermelons, pumpkins, or canned vegetables, etc. 

11.  No tracers, tannerite, armor piercing bullets, incendiary rounds, steel core and/or steel jacketed bullets, high explosives, fireworks or exploding targets.

12.  Absolutely no alcohol or drugs on these premises nor horseplay of any type.

13.  Pick up brass, used targets and all trash.

14.  All vehicles and ATV’s remain in parking areas or designated roads only.  Handicapped shooters can use ATV’s to place targets.

15.  All pets will be leashed or confined at all times.

16.  Vandalism will be prosecuted under Idaho Code 18-7001, Malicious Injury to Property.


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